Does my car need a transmission flush?

Does my car need a transmission flush?

Does my car need a transmission flush?As a general rule, transmission fluid should be flushed every two years or 30,000 miles. But there are some signs that mean you should soon get your transmission fluid flushed, no matter how long it's been since you last had this service. It's important to bear in mind that minor transmission issues can quickly escalate to the point that major repairs are necessary. When you first notice any indication of transmission trouble, you'll want to be proactive about addressing it. Here's a look at five signs that your car needs a transmission flush.


When contaminants block the transmission fluid's flow, the vehicle might lunge or surge. A transmission flush will often take care of this particular issue.

Grinding Sounds

If your transmission makes grinding noises, then you'll want to get off the road and check your transmission fluid while your engine is still running. Healthy transmission fluid should have a reddish hue. If your fluid is noticeably dark in color, or if the level is low, then it'll be worthwhile to get a transmission flush.

Issues with Shifting

Regarding both automatic and manual transmissions, it's best to always operate with the right level of clean fluid. This will help to ensure that gears don't change too fast or too slowly, which are problems that can occur with old fluid.


If your vehicle temporarily stalls after you put it into gear, then you should try to remedy this issue by getting a transmission flush.

Gear Slippage

Old, dirty transmission fluid may contain contaminants that block the fluid's flow. This can lead to a decrease in hydraulic power, that consequently reduces power to the point that the vehicle can't reliably stay in gear.

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Posted: July 1, 2020

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