Bad Driving Habits that Can Cause Transmission Trouble

Bad Driving Habits that Can Cause Transmission Trouble

Bad Driving Habits that Can Cause Transmission TroubleSeemingly small transmission problems can quickly worsen and necessitate very expensive repairs. This makes it very important that you get to the shop at the first sign of transmission trouble. By keeping up with transmission maintenance and being gentle on your transmission, you can help to prevent trouble from arising in the first place. But if you engage in certain bad driving habits, it's more likely that transmission issues will emerge. Here's a look at six ways to ruin your transmission.

Pound the Gas Pedal

If you punch the accelerator, it could significantly stress your car's driveline parts, including the transmission. The transmission should be given a chance to cool down after generating excessive torque so that it doesn't overheat.

Slam Your Brakes

When you slam on the brakes, it can cause transmission mounts to become more vulnerable to damage. In some situations you're going to need to brake hard, but it's best to avoid this whenever you safely can.

Never Check Transmission Fluid

If you never bother to check your transmission fluid, then you may not notice if your fluid level becomes dangerously low. You could also remain unaware if the fluid becomes burnt. The proper amount of clean transmission fluid plays a central role in preventing transmission trouble.

Don't Use Parking Brake

When you don't set your parking brake, your transmission may become heavily stressed as it tries to hold your vehicle in place. This is particularly relevant if you often have to park on steep hills.

Don't Completely Stop Before Shifting from Drive to Reverse

If you don't consistently come to a full stop when shifting between a forward gear and reverse, then it's more likely that transmission issues will develop.

Skip Transmission Maintenance

By putting off transmission maintenance, there's a greater chance that friction will increase between moving parts, which can cause the parts to wear down to the point that expensive repairs are needed.

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Posted: September 30, 2020

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