Common Sources of Transmission Fluid Leaks

Common Sources of Transmission Fluid Leaks

When you first notice a sign of leaking transmission fluid, you'll want to be proactive about getting to the shop so the issue can be inspected. If you delay, the problem could soon worsen and you could end up with very expensive transmission trouble that could've been prevented. At Raptor Transmission, our local transmission shop can expertly diagnose transmission fluid leaks. Our nearby transmission mechanics know how to accurately identify all types of transmission trouble. Then, we can get right to work on providing top-quality repairs.

What is the source of my transmission fluid leak?

Transmission pan gasket problems are often to blame for transmission fluid leaks. Your pan gasket creates the seal between the transmission pan and bell housing. As the miles add up, regular wear and tear can lead to a leak forming at this gasket. Transmission fluid leaks also often form due to issues with transmission lines. These lines serve as crucial fluid transports between different parts of the transmission. In some cases, transmission lines will crack and allow fluid to start leaking. The bell housing is another component that will sometimes crack and lead to a leak.

In your transmission, there are a variety of seals from which leaks could develop. When the rubber on a seal becomes worn-down, misalignment could result. Consequently, a transmission fluid leak could form. Problems with valves and solenoids are also sometimes to blame for leaking transmission fluid. Valves/solenoids play a crucial role in the proper flow of transmission fluid so issues with them should always be addressed as soon as possible.

Transmission Repair in Houston, TX

Because transmission fluid leaks can lead to major transmission problems, they should be quickly fixed. When you need transmission repair in Houston, contact Raptor Transmission at (281) 559-7586. At our nearby transmission shop, we can expertly take care of any of your vehicle's transmission needs. Feel free to give us a call today to make an appointment for transmission service in Houston!

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Posted: June 30, 2021

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