Top Signs of Manual Transmission Failure

Top Signs of Manual Transmission Failure

Top Signs of Manual Transmission FailureThe transmission is perhaps the most intricate mechanism of your vehicle, outside of the engine itself. It's numerous moving parts work together to transfer the power created under the hood to the wheels, and the smallest malfunction could prevent your car or truck from moving at all. If you drive a manual transmission you need to be on the lookout for these signs of manual transmission trouble.

Grinding Noise

There are many issues that can cause grinding noises in a manual transmission. This includes linkage issues, low transmission fluid, the need for a clutch adjustment or a damaged synchronizer or shift fork.

Whirring Noise

A whirring noise is also common when trouble is present. This may occur if the gears are worn, there are metal shavings in the transmission fluid or due to a misaligned transmission. Trouble should be immediately checked out by a transmission expert.

Falls Out of Gear

If the transmission seems to just pop out of gear, it may be time for a new clutch plate or a clutch adjustment. There could also be a broken spring in the shift rail or due to a worn-out pilot bearing.

Can't Get into Gear

If you can't get into gear, or alternatively, you can't get out of gear, it may be due to the use of incorrect transmission fluid, linkage issues, a failed shifter assembly, damage to the rods, bushings or shifter arms, or broken drive gear teeth, among other problems. Unfortunately this issue will likely require a major repair.

Transmission Fluid Leak

An obvious sign of transmission trouble is if it is leaking transmission fluid. This liquid is generally red if color, making it easy to differentiate between other automotive fluids. Remember though, nothing should ever be leaking from your car, so head to the shop at the first drip.

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