What are common locations of transmission fluid leaks?

What are common locations of transmission fluid leaks?

What are common locations of transmission fluid leaks?Automotive transmission fluid provides fluid pressure, lubrication, cooling, and rust prevention. So if you have a transmission fluid leak, you'll want to make sure it's addressed ASAP. If you ignore the leak, then you risk major transmission problems occurring that are very expensive to address. A common sign of a leak is that there's reddish-colored fluid on the ground where your vehicle has been parked. If it's transmission fluid, you may notice that it has a somewhat sweet smell. At Raptor Transmission, we provide top-quality transmission service in the greater Houston area, and can promptly locate and fix fluid leaks.

Common Sources of Transmission Fluid Leaks

Your transmission has an assortment of seals that could become the source of fluid leaks. As the miles add up and the rubber on seals starts to degrade, misalignment can occur. As a result, a fluid leak could develop. Transmission fluid leaks are also liable to form at valves/solenoids. Because valves/solenoids help to ensure the correct flow of transmission fluid, it's important that they are in strong condition.

Another common location of transmission fluid leaks is the transmission pan gasket, which forms the seal between the bell housing and the transmission pan. Standard wear and tear can lead to the formation of a leak at this gasket. Transmission lines are also a place from which transmission fluid often leaks. Transmission lines do the crucial job of transporting fluid to different transmission components. These lines will sometimes crack, which then leads to a leak forming. The transmission bell housing is another transmission part that sometimes cracks and develops a leak.

Transmission Repair in Houston, TX

When transmission fluid is leaking, major transmission problems can ensue. When you need transmission repair in Houston and the surrounding area, contact Raptor Transmission at (281) 559-7586. At our local transmission shop, we can expertly take care of any of your vehicle's transmission needs. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment for transmission service in Houston!

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Posted: June 2022

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