What Are Common Signs of Clutch Trouble?

What Are Common Signs of Clutch Trouble?

Clutches should work reliably for at least 50,000 miles, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they will. At the first indication of trouble with your clutch, you'll want to bring it to the attention of a mechanic who specializes in transmission service. By being proactive, you may end up saving yourself from needing more expensive repairs. Here are six signs of clutch failure.

Clutch Pedal Is Sticking

An issue with the linkage or release bearing could cause the clutch pedal to start sticking. If the springs in the linkage become overstretched, then a sticky clutch pedal could result.


A clutch disc that doesn't correctly disengage could lead to grinding during the shifting process. Grinding could also be a sign of an issue with the pressure plate or throw-out bearing.

Noisy Clutch Pedal

If your clutch pedal is making a lot of noise as it goes up and down, then you could be dealing with a clutch fork issue. Because the clutch fork serves an important role in engaging and disengaging your clutch, it's important that it is kept in strong condition.

Spongy/Loose Clutch Pedal

A problem with the clutch fork or release bearing could cause your clutch pedal to become loose or spongy. This symptom could also be due to hose/pipe leakage or a low fluid level in the reservoir.

Doesn't Go into Gear

Clutch plate damage or linkage failure could prevent you from being able to shift into our out of third gear.

Vibrating Clutch Pedal

Potential causes of a vibrating clutch pedal include a worn-out flywheel, pilot bearing, or clutch disc lining. When the clutch disc doesn't keep a good grip on the flywheel, the clutch pedal may begin to vibrate.

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Posted: March 4, 2021

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