Vehicle Suspension & Alignments in the Greater Houston, TX Area

Vehicle Suspension & Alignments in the Greater Houston, TX Area

Vehicle Suspension & Alignments in the Greater Houston, TX AreaYour car's suspension system is critical to the overall safety, reliability and comfort of your ride. Our team of professional auto repair technicians can complete precision suspension services and wheel alignments in Houston for just about any make and model. Using the best parts available and the latest diagnostic and repair technology, you can rest easy knowing you will leave our facility in a vehicle that is as comfortable and easy to drive, as it is safe and reliable. Give us a call to request an estimate or to schedule an appointment for quality services.

  • Shock Replacement
  • Strut Replacement
  • Ball Joint Replacement
  • Tie Rod Replacement
  • Suspension Inspections
  • Sway Bar Link Replacement
  • Wheel Alignments
  • Front End Alignments

Suspension Repair in Houston

Your vehicle's suspension is designed to absorb dips and bumps in the road, help you corner and enhance ride comfort. If you encounter any signs of suspension trouble, don't hesitate to contact Raptor Transmission for service. Some of the most common indications that it is time for suspension service include:

  • Unusual shaking
  • Excessive bouncing
  • Oil on the shocks or struts
  • Front end lowers heavily under normal braking conditions
  • Rolling sensation when cornering

If you encounter any of these issues, don't hesitate to contact us for quality suspension repair in Houston. We will complete thorough diagnostics to ensure the problem is properly fixed the first time.

Wheel Alignments in Houston

Wheel Alignments in the Greater Houston, TX AreaProper wheel alignment is critical to prevent premature tire wear, maximize fuel efficiency, and ultimately ensure that your car is easy to control and safe to drive. If your steering wheel shakes or your vehicle tends to pull or drift to one side as you drive down the road, come see us for professional wheel alignment service.

Raptor Transmission is staffed by skilled technicians who care about you and your car. If you experience driveability issues, give us a call at (281) 559-7586 to request an appointment! We are your resource for professional suspension repair and wheel alignments in Houston and the surrounding communities.

"This place is amazing. I came in for a bunch of things (oil change, alignment, rotation, rotor repair). It was cheap and fast. They then told me that my strut was bent and Ryan even showed me how bad off it was. He replaced them in a timely fashion and my car now drives better than when I first got it. AMAZING JOB!!!"

Transmission Maintenance in Greater Houston, TX Area