Transmission Rebuild Services in Greater Houston, TX Area

Transmission Rebuild Services in the Houston, TX Area

Transmission Rebuild Services in Greater Houston, TX AreaAs Houston's transmission specialist, you can rely on Raptor Transmission to keep your car or truck's transmission shifting smooth. In some circumstances, that may mean performing a transmission rebuild. While it is always best to get your car to the shop as soon as a problem is detected, even the most dedicated car owner can experience severe transmission trouble as time rolls on and miles add up. Of course, not every transmission problem results in the need for a rebuild, but if it honestly does, we're the team you want to handle it. We provide superior manual and automatic transmission rebuilding in Houston for most makes and models. It's important to understand this service, as it can help extend the life of your vehicle.

Transmission Rebuilding Process

The most important thing about the transmission rebuild process is diagnosing the problem to ensure that transmission actually needs to be rebuilt. At Raptor, we've built our reputation on honesty, so we will provide this option only when we truly believe this is the best course of action. With your confirmation we will move forward with the process, which entails removing and dismantling the transmission. We then clean it to ensure we have the best view of parts. We'll replace any components that are no longer able to do their job, which are generally the ones causing you shifting troubles. If needed, we will also conduct electrical repairs. Lastly, the transmission will be completely reassembled with new gaskets and seals and reinstalled in the vehicle. You'll now have a reliable transmission to carry you down the road.

Cost Benefits of Transmission Rebuilding

Transmission Replacement Service in Greater Houston, TX AreaIt's important to understand that some transmission problems require more extensive repairs than others. If it is necessary to remove and disassemble the transmission to replace one part, it's wise to conduct a rebuild, especially on high mileage transmissions. This is to prevent the need for removing, disassembling and reinstalling the transmission multiple times, which can add up in costs to more than that of a single rebuild.

Transmission Replacement Service

Depending on your vehicle's year, make and model, and the availability of parts, replacing a faulty transmission may be your best bet, opposed to a transmission rebuild. We can help you make this decision when you visit us for diagnostics.

When you visit Raptor Transmission we will provide you with honest information to ensure you make an informed decision about receiving a transmission rebuild in Houston. If that's not what your car needs, we won't tell you it does! Give us a call at (281) 559-7586 to request more information, a quote or to schedule an appointment with our friendly crew.

"Very happy and satisfied with the services they provided for the transmission of my truck. Thank you for your services!"

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