Does My Car Need Automatic Transmission Repair?

Does My Car Need Automatic Transmission Repair?

Does My Car Need Automatic Transmission Repair?Automatic transmissions are incredibly complex mechanisms that are essentially a machine within a machine, the latter being your car. With proper care and maintenance it is likely that your vehicle's transmission will last for years and years. However, as the miles add up its parts will become worn down and may require more extensive repairs. If you encounter any of the following signs of automatic transmission trouble be sure to visit your local transmission repair shop as soon as possible, before the issue gets worse and more expensive to fix.

Grinding gears

One of the most common signs of a problem in an automatic transmission are strange noises. A grinding noise that occurs as the vehicle shifts between gears is characteristic of low or dirty transmission fluid. Conducting routine transmission maintenance will often help remedy this issue.

Delayed shifting

Does your car's engine rev high as the automatic transmission shifts between gears? It's time for service, if so. Delayed shifting will only get worse, and could eventually result in an inability to shift. If you encounter delayed shifts it could be caused by a lack of transmission fluid or an issue with the computer that runs the transmission. Head to the shop for diagnostics.

Won't go into gear

Perhaps one of the more obvious signs that it is time for transmission repair is if you simply can't get into drive or reverse. Being unable to shift into gear, either physically or if the shifter handle moves but the car doesn't go into gear, is often caused by a mechanical issue with gears or the linkage. Completing further diagnostics will be necessary to identify the root cause of this problem.

Transmission fluid leak

Your car utilizes a number of specialized fluids to operate, including a fluid that the transmission needs for smooth shifting. Should you spot reddish liquid dripping from your vehicle, it is probable that its transmission fluid. A transmission fluid leak can result in a number of issues, including all of the above. Visit your local auto repair shop any time you spot a leak to prevent it from getting worse.

A healthy transmission is critical for safe and reliable transportation. If you believe that it is time for automatic transmission repair in Houston or the neighboring communities, head to Raptor Transmission. Our team of professional transmission repair techs will gladly provide you with an honest opinion about the condition of your vehicle's transmission to help decide the best course of action, whether that's repair, rebuild or replacement. To learn more, or to request a quote or an appointment for quality transmission service in Houston, just give us a call at (281) 559-7586!

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